Solar Array

Several states have mandated massive increases in renewable energy in the next few years. That has led some experts at Emerging Energy Research of Cambridge, Mass., to predict that Big Solar could be a $45billion market by 2020.

US Land and Minerals

For years the BIG play has been to lease the millions of acres of land from the Government. Not so fast, buyers are vying for private property. Some are paying upwards of $10,000 an acre for desert dirt that a few years ago would have sold for $500. Some are even offering lease agreements that offer upfront of $300-$500/acre and an ongoing percentage of the net profit much like the mineral industry has done for decades.

Generally, solar farm developments tend to happen regionally, where several projects appear in quick succession. The surprising limits to viable sites (government regulation, Transmission issues, Environmental concerns, weather, terrain etc) combined with the high costs of developing solar farms tends to lead to higher land prices, higher property taxes and in worst cases, land speculation.

Just because you don't have land doesn't mean you shouldn't consider a solar lease. Many of today's Power Purchaser's are willing to pay to install a solar array on your home rooftop if you agree to purchase the power from them. A very low cost way to feel like you are doing something for the environment.

If you own a parcel of land of 10+ acres that is ideal for a Solar Farm, register your property with US L&M, LLC and start the process of receiving some future "US Mailbox Money"!