Power Line Easement

Eminent Domain is a constitutional right for a public good. Having said that, when public agency condemns they are required to pay market value for the parcel of land .... the disagreement is always... what is market value.... don't sign the proposal until you ascertain what market value is.... $1.00 for a telephone utility line was market value a long time ago :) .... if you sign the proposal/agreement then you are giving up your rights ... also if they make an offer and you take it... you've just negotiated a sale of an easement.

US Land and Minerals

The challenge that you will struggle with is the difference between negotiating an agreement to sell... which the utility company can do... they can make you an offer that you can accept or reject.... or having your property condemned for market value of the easement.

Typically the market value of the easement is a percentage of the market value of the whole property on a $/SF basis....example... your property is valued at $100/SF. The easement across your property can be worth 25% to 90% of that $100/SF based on the size of the easement and if the easement gives the utility company the wholesale right to put other utilities within the same easement or if you are only selling them an easement for this one transmission line.... (this is tricky and utility companies are very good at including language that lets them put multiple transmission lines in one easement. This is but one of thousands of possible scenarios. Bottom line is to consider using an attorney to help you understand exactly what you are getting or giving for your lease money...