Mineral Owners

Usually, an Oil & Gas deal starts with a Geologist that has data depicting that there may be commercial grade deposits in a particular area. The next step is to do the research on who owns the mineral rights and are they willing to sign a lease, at market rate? In today's market, itís getting rarer that the Land and the Minerals are owned by the same person or persons. In some instances, the mineral rights may be owned by upwards of over 50 individuals, all of which would need to sign off on a lease or sale agreement

US Land and Minerals

Getting all of the Mineral owners to agree and sign a lease agreement is the single biggest hurdle and of great expense for a production company to include in their exploration budget. Many deals die at this stage or are passed over in place by a deal that has the Land/Mineral agreement "cured"(everybody has agreed to sign).

Please keep in mind that to have a prospect location qualify for promotion, the Oil & Gas reserves that the Geologist has identified, has to hold more potential product value than, the development, drilling, lifting and operating costs combined, along with investor returns.

By you and your ownership peers registering your Minerals with US L&M, LLC you are raising your hand that you want to lease or sell your Minerals and start the process of receiving some "US Mail Box Money".