Hunting & Fishing

When we were kids, dad took us hunting and fishing whenever we had time and extra money for shells or bait. The concept of paying to hunt or fish wasn't even in the vernacular of consideration, back then. Then along came the 70's and people started to buy annual leases for family, friends and clients. Yesterday’s prices paid were a far cry from today's market rate and included all types of hunting and fishing for the entire year. Today, every aspect of a hunting and fishing lease can bartered to the highest bidder. It may be that you want the convenience of an annual all inclusive lease agreement...or...something more?

Land and Mineral

The norm for today's market is to lease by the specific season or have several parties combine for the total opportunity...Example, I may have a deer lease but am not interested in harvesting the wild pigs and don't have permission to Quail hunt, at all. The land owner wants to hunt, he and his family opening day/weekend for doves and after that, it's mine. The point being, there are as many options on how to lease your ownership rights as you can imagine and or care to manage.... By adding your land into the US L&M, LLC database, every animal or fish that you list as an opportunity can add up to more "US Mailbox Money"!