Highway Billboard

Outdoor billboards come in many sizes, and the most well-known are the large structures that measure 14' x 48' located near transportation points that have high traffic volume. The higher the traffic usually dictates the price paid by advertisers and hence, the more value a sign company sees in your location.

US Land and Minerals

The billboard business is very competitive and there are a couple of considerations to quickly qualify your property location.

  • Is your property zoned to allow for billboards?
  • Is there a moratorium on any new billboards?

After you understand your property restrictions you should register your land parcel with US L&M, LLC to start the opportunity for bidding. During registration, simply check the box indicating that you would like to see offers for billboards and you are on your way! Please feel free to contact all the local sign vendors in your market area and let them know that you are considering offers to create some "US Mailbox Money" and direct them to your website listing!