Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Register?

Anyone that owns Land of 10+ acres or any Mineral interest in real property should register their property with US L&M, LLC. Your listing secures market exposure and an opportunity at receiving the best possible offer for a potential lease or sale.

Why Should I Register?

To increase your exposure to individuals and companies seeking to lease or buy properties for recreational and/or commercial purposes and to assist you in getting a fair market value. By publishing your information in the US L&M, LLC database, you expose your Land and or Minerals to the entire US/Global market, which directly increases your chances to meet a willing lessee or buyer.

Does US L&M Act As My Selling Agent

US L&M, LLC provides the platform and technology that bring sellers and buyers together. US L&M, LLC does not represent either side of a transaction and it will be the seller's and buyer's responsibility to negotiate their own terms and pricing.

What should I do if I receive a letter offering to lease my minerals?

US L&M, LLC recommends that you register your property on our website so that you can use your published information as leverage with competing buyers to negotiate the best possible deal.

How Do I Register My Land and Minerals?

Once you create an account, US L&M, LLC will email login access and instructions on how to fill out your ownership information. It's easy to get started by using your mouse to point & click on what you want to lease or sell and then just follow the script questions. You may make free changes anytime to what's for lease or sell, as your needs change.

What if I Only Own the Surface Rights of My Property?

US L&M, LLC is a registration service for both surface rights and mineral rights. When you fill out the information on your property you can tell us exactly what you have to lease or sell as the land owner such as; non-precious minerals, hunting, fishing, farming, ranching, billboard space, pipeline or power line easements, wind farm, and or ground water...(note: the mineral owner may lease or sell positions that may affect your surface use and access. This is where a surface damages contract should be negotiated between the land owner and the mineral owner, lessee or buyer.)

What if I Don't Live on My Property?

The US L&M, LLC network & products are designed to give you control of your property and its assets from near or across the county using our Internet tools, 24 hours a day! Our service could make the difference of whether to keep or sell the family farm or ranch, especially if the heirs have moved to the City!

Paid members will self register their asset descriptions announcing their desire to participate in the open markets to lease or sell their positions in Land and/or Minerals.

Once a member publishes their information on Land & Mineral website, it's only a matter of time before leasing offers are received and "US Mailbox Money" becomes a reality!