Historically, Land and Mineral leases have been traded during the early morning hours, at the local cafe. Today, with the Internet and younger heirs starting to control these assets, leases are qualified and purchased using the web and a cell phone more so, than a face to face meeting. This is the only National Database to host Land and Mineral ownership information that the public and industry professionals can access and use to make offers directly, to the owners.

US Land and Minerals

By publishing your ownership information in the Land & Mineral Database, you expose your Land and/or Minerals to the entire US/Global market which directly increases your potential to meet a willing lessee or buyer. Paid members will self register their asset descriptions announcing their desire to participate in the open markets to lease or sell their positions in Land and/or Minerals.

Integrated into our platform, are social media resources and search engine programming that keep your information in the flow of the market place. Once a member publishes their information on the Land & Mineral website, it's only a matter of time before offers are received and "US Mailbox Money" becomes a reality!


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