Cellular Tower

Telephone companies get contacted on a daily basis from individuals like yourself who have heard from their neighbor, friend, or associate that they are getting up to $1,000 a month to lease their land. Their first question is "How can I lease my property and receive 'US Mailbox Money' every month?"

Land and Minerals

That being said, there are certain factors that may make your land more likely to be leased. Distance to Adjacent Towers. If there is an existing cellular tower within one mile of your location, chances are not good that another will be built. The local zoning jurisdiction will require use of existing towers first. If there are no towers nearby, then your property is more desirable if:

  • Dense Population or High Traffic Counts. The location is surrounded by either an urban or suburban population or alternatively nearby roadways that have high traffic counts. If you are in a rural area and are not within 1/2 mile of a major highway or a town of 2,000 or more, chances are very slim that a tower will be located on your property.
  • Zoning. This is where zoning or land use comes in. Many jurisdictions (counties, towns, cities) have ordinances that allow communication towers. If you have an industrial parcel surrounded by residential property,the likelihood that a wireless carrier could use your property increases. Likewise, if you have a residentially zoned property surrounded by industrial property,the likelihood decreases. Contact your local jurisdiction's planning or community development office to find out what the requirements are for towers and if one can even be placed on your property.