About Land & Mineral.com

About Land and Mineral

Land and Mineral.com (US L&M, LLC) was launched by a team of technology and industry professionals who own Land and or Mineral positions. We developed the site around our personal experiences in dealing with ownership & heirship. From the challenges of managing an estate’s revenue today all the way through tomorrow’s probate review, our product delivers the tools needed to market and manage your physical holdings.

Individuals are looking for land to lease or buy for recreational activities while corporations are also looking for land to lease or purchase for a variety of business interests. Industry professionals are constantly researching courthouse records, deeds, and probate wills to find ownership information
on land in which they need to lease. Often times, Land and or Mineral owners miss out on the opportunity to lease their positions for cash, due to either inaccurate records or no records at all. US L&M, LLC serves to eliminate this problem by allowing Land and or Mineral owners to publish their ownership information and keep it current. With published, accurate information, an owner is less likely to miss out on a lease or sale opportunity. The US L&M, LLC program allows for a wide variety of leasing opportunities that include;
oil and gas drilling, mining, ranching, farming, hunting, fishing, timber, communication towers, power line easement, highway billboard signage, wind farms, solar arrays, pipeline easement, fresh water excavation and other income streams.

Thousands of new leases are contracted each month for Land and Mineral purposes. Why miss out on the opportunity to lease your Land and or Minerals and more importantly, the opportunity to create some "US Mailbox Money"?